We are Luna4 Enterprises

Luna4 is an innovative and disruptive entry into the video gaming industry.

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and co-located with other companies from a range of industries, Luna4 is set to shake up the playing field by leveraging its strong industry ties and the ability to draw upon many decades of experience shared between a small and highly agile core team.

Our greatest passion is creating immersive gaming worlds, where no aspect of design is left to chance, and the player is always the center of attention. With our debut project we will revisit, revitalize, and redefine both an incredibly cool comic book license and a genre previously believed to be nothing but a casual pass-time outside the interests of core gamers.

So if you‘re interested in amazing comic book art, cool characters, addictive gameplay, and ready to enter a whole new world of cyberpunk sci-fi, make sure to check back here soon for news and updates!

Legal notices

Luna4 Enterprises Ltd.
Riverside House _ Goldcrest Way
Newcastle upon Tyne _ NE15 8NY

T _ 0044 3333 444 048
F _ 0044 191 5801 808
E _ hello@luna4enterprises.com

COM ID _ 09281195